Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Square or Round? Part Due

A few weeks ago I tried to drum up a discussion on preferences for square or round. When it comes to storage, I'm a square girl. They just stack and organize and play together so nicely.
However, we are considering a new kitchen table and I think I want round. Something along these lines:

I don't recall having a round table for any period of time, so I may be mistaken. There is no head of the table at a round table. There are no table legs if it's a pedestal table, thusly allowing more people to be stuffed at said table when we have guests. (Did I use thusly correctly? This is one of my current favorite words, along with whilst. Oh, and I am practicing my Italian via a Chic-Fil-A kids meal CD, hence the part Due.)

What kind of table do you have? What are the benefits? I need to know these things.


  1. I think you mean part "Deux", not "due" ;)

  2. I have a rectangle table in my dining room. And I'm not in love with it. The first table we picked out was round. We ordered it, paid for it, it was discontinued. So we picked out a square. It too, was discontinued. We found a rectangle. Third choice. Apparently for a reason. lol

  3. Hi Katie,

    Deux is French for two, I'm studying the Chic-fil-a kids meal CD to learn Italian and they say Due is Italian for two.

    Who am I to argue with fast food Italian school?

  4. Hi Tracey! Thanks for coming by my blog today! You could totally make one of those ottomans. It really wasn't hard and so much more affordable, especially if you can get the fabric on sale.

    Regarding the table, we have a round table in our kitchen. We don't have a dining room, so that's our only table. I'm going to be totally honest and tell you that I'm not crazy about it. But ours is pretty small. If you had one that was bigger, it would be better. We are a family of 5 and it's a tight fit for us. It does have a leaf that goes in though for when we have company. I'd love to have a rectangular table.

    We don't have a Chic-fil-a around here. Do they really give away language cd's with their kids meals? That is so cool!

  5. Due is Italian for 2.
    Deux is French for 2.
    I have and love round tables...I have deux/due!!!

  6. Tracey,

    Thanks for the welcome into the blogging world! I've been having fun and it's great "meeting" so many lovely women.

    I've actually read your blog before and enjoyed it.


    Oh and I vote for the round table too. We have a rectangle in the kitchen and I wish we had the right layout for a round.

  7. Love your blog.. I came here from Marie's blog..
    We have a Black Round table.. similar to the one in your post.. I LOVE IT! We've never had a round one either.. but in small spaces, they are the bomb!
    And, You are correct, in Italian it is Due - pronounced Do-Eh. (We were stationed in Italy a long time ago.. I still remember how to count to ten.. and that's about it!)
    Have a super weekend!

  8. Pete WilsonMay 03, 2008

    We have a round kitchen table and we love it!

  9. enjoying your blog! LOVE the look of the round table...
    and the pic up top reminds me of the beach i used to spend HOURS on. :)
    blessings, tracey!

  10. I am currently laughing my head off at a comment you made on Nester's blog...the one about turn one in the race...HA! My sweet hubby is watching the race at the moment...I certainly hope he closes his eyes at turn one! : )
    Oh, and my table is oval with a leaf...I like it better than my smaller round kitchen table, but probably because the oval belonged to my Mimmie.
    And how cool is it that my comment with my singing picture is beneath Mandy's singing picture? It doesn't take much to amuse me!

  11. Well, I'm full of "deux deux" most of the time... so I'll stay out of this debate. hee hee :)

    Go round!! My breakfast table is round and I love it. No legs getting in the way. My next dining room table will be round. Depending on how big my next dining room is... I may go with two round dining tables. I've seen this in magazines. Way too cool! My sister-in-law has a large glass dining room table with a cool antiqued wood base in the middle. Gorgeous upholstered chairs with antiqued nailheads. It is a great look. :) ~Jill


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