Thursday, April 24, 2008

12 Inches

Last year on December 12th I had 12 inches of my hair cut off. Apparently you aren't supposed to make major changes to your hair when you are pregnant. Why? Is it because you are already going through major changes? Thankfully, I didn't know about this rule until after I had my haircut.

I went to the Aveda Salon where I have been getting my hair trimmed for the last few years and I thought the owner was going to do a dance when I told her I wanted it short. I love the cut and haven't even considered letting it grow out. It' s super short in the back and longer in the front and takes about 5 minutes to blow dry. I had the same haircut in 1990. Way back then I think we called it a reverse bob. And you thought Posh Spice was the first one.


  1. OH my word girl! That looks so good! I love it!!!!!!! I bet you will be much much cooler too! You might be inspiring me to go to the beauty shop (as my grandma called it) and get mine chopped! Don't tell my husband! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!
    have a good day!

  2. Very cool. I am too much of a chicken to do this! daughter donated about 14 inches a few years ago...and she is almost ready to donate another 12 inches...maybe by the end of summer.

  3. VERY cute! I can't manage to grow my hair long enough to donate. Wimpy hair.

  4. I've gotten so used to your hair being short that I forgot how long it actually was! Glad you liked the dinner!

  5. I found your blog link on another blog. I love your new cut! It looks so fresh and fun. Great choice :)

  6. My brother's response to my new 'do was "It is very slimming and less granola." I said "Hey, there's nothing wrong with fat hippy mamas!"

  7. Oh!! I think that haircut looks adorable on you. Talk about feeling light-headed after that haircut!! Woo Hoo!!

    Kat~ You left me a comment not long ago about your hair issues. I think your hair would do great in this exact style!! You could work on growing your bangs out. You could milk several blog posts out of the before/after craziness. You'd get hits from all over the world wanting to see how the new do turns out!! Go for it! :)

  8. I had no idea your hair used to be so long! I love your short 'do. I think it's very chic. I'd copy yours if mine wasn't so curly-wavy. I tried short once and it didn't work because it was always a big and poofy mess. -Julia :-)

  9. Oh, I love that "do." I'm still trying to talk dh into loving it so I can get it without guilt. Lol. Found you on Nester.


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