Monday, February 11, 2008

Freecycle Love

Do you Freecycle? If you don't, or have never heard of it, lemme give you a little tutorial.

It's kind of like Craigslist, only everything is free and in your neighborhood. You list things you want to give away and people respond to you by email. You can arrange to meet the person to make the drop if you don't want them coming to your house. Or if you're lazy, like me, you give them your address and leave the item on the front porch for pick up.

This has been one of the best ways for us to release clutter. Especially all that stuff we don't use, but is too good to throw out. We send loads of stuff to charity every month, but Freecycle is another great way to bless your neighbors and yourself (by making room!)

Those frumpy overhead lights from the post below are on my porch right now awaiting pick up by their new owner. One mans trash truly is another mans treasure.

Now get to Freecycling...or if you already use this great recycling program, let me know the last item you Freecycled, I am very curious about such things.


  1. You know...I started doing Freecycle and didn't like, but I have a feeling I was doing it properly. I was getting emails every time anything went on there and really I didn't want other people's trash...I just wanted to get rid of my stuff. Also, when I did put stuff on there no one responded and I thought I had some good stuff (like 2 peg perego infant car seat bases retailing for $80 each!). Maybe we can discuss how I can get rid of the rest of my crap on there since apparently I was doing something wrong.

  2. Sign up for Daily Digest instead of individual emails and you won't get email every time someone posts. Our Freecycle group is pretty big and the minute something goes up we usually have 2-3 people that want our junk.

  3. T...we gave away some free weights set couple of years ago to a guy that ended up living around the corner!

  4. I really will get you that play dough recipe...just had 7 kids today and didn't have time to post. I will at least leave it in a comment...SOON!


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