Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not Bad for $14 Bucks

I had to smile when I read The Nester's post today about her ugly chandelier because I had a similar post in mind for today, and since she is one of my favorite creative Blog girls, I like thinking we have things in common.

We (my husband and I, not The Nester) were on a Costco date night last Friday (don't laugh, we actually enjoy going to Costco together) when I spotted a two pack of overhead light fixtures for $14. I immediately had visions of some pretty ugly overheads in our basement that could use a $14 makeover. I know the pictures are bad, but I'm pregnant and tired so this is as good as it gets for today.

Functional, but frumpy
Much better
I love watching my Man being handy
New girls


  1. MUCH better...first thing we did when we moved in was replace all the fixtures and it didn't cost much! You'd think in new construction, they'd give you halfway decent fixtures (not glass and brass)!

  2. OH you should never say that you have no readers on the Nester's site or you'll end up with hoardes of them :)! You should put up a hit counter and I'd bet you be surprised at how many people look but don't speak so to say!

    Love your new lights! I have the same ones in my mud room!

  3. I sure wish that it were me who went to Costco with you. Our nearest one is 30 minutes away.

    I have no shame.

  4. The builder put those same brass light fixtures in my house! It's been on my to-do list to change them since we moved in. Seeing how much better your new ones look has inspired me. Maybe I'll finally get that done!

    -Julia :-)


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