Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Band-Aid

Noah got his first band-aid yesterday for a boo boo. It was super sad when he smashed his little finger in the swivel chair. I couldn't think of a thing to make it feel better other than a little Bactine and a Sesame Street band-aid.

Actually, he did get a band-aid last year, but he was so little I only left it on long enough to stop the bleeding because I was afraid he would eat it!

Just look at the tear stained shirt
Hey, is that Cookie Monster on my finger?


  1. Ms T, Don't forget the Magic Kiss. I don't know if it helps the kid but it makes Mommy feel better to say 'let Mommy kiss it better.' My girls used to say that if they broke their arm Mr. Bill would say put some Bacitracin on it and I would say take an asprin.

  2. that face...oh my goodness...precious...

  3. What an angel! I miss chubby little baby fingers ... no more of those in my house.


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