Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Word 365 = Less

Last year I jumped on board with One Word 2011 for the very reason it was created. I have never made New Year's resolutions but I liked the idea of having something easy to focus on for the year (hello, one word, how easy is that?)

For 2012 my word will be Less. 

I want more of Him and Less of me.
I want to weigh less.
I want to rush and hurry less.
I want less stuff so I have less to clean and organize.
I want less clothing so getting ready is a breeze.
I want less busyness where the good gets in the way of the best.

I want less so I am freed up to do more of what God has for me.

Less is more. It's taken me a long time to realize that and now I want it.

I want less.

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  1. oh my dang! this is so powerful! i need less of me and more of him for sure! i canNOT wait to learn from you this year!!

  2. I haven't come up with my word for this year...but I'm leaning heavily on "trust." Like, that's probably my word. Yep. That's it. Thanks for helping me get it! :D

  3. Excellent choice and doable sister!!!

  4. Girl, I have been wavering between "less" and "surrender" for myself. No way can I choose both! (ha ha) I love this post. You've inspired me to press on with my less-is-more mind-set.

    And bring on the German cuisine! :)


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