Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slipcovered Ottoman--Takes 4 years To Make

I bought this fabric about 4 years ago, the same time I bought the toile fabric I used to back my bookcases and mistreat my windows.  About 2 years later, my girlfriend Amy came over and we cut the pieces to make an ottoman slipcover.  And now, another 2 years later, I finally finished the project.

This is not going to win any awards, but I finished it!  And, it's my first attempt at a slipcover.  And I wanted to succeed, so I kept it SIMPLE.  Trust me, I wanted to make it fancy, with piping or a box pleat.  But I wanted to finish it (without using a seam ripper or pins or an iron.)  I have decided I am the world's laziest sew-er.

If you really want to appreciate how much better it looks now, here is a before photo:

Even Noah, Grandad and Chloe can't make a stained, sun bleached, peach ottoman look good.  The matching chair is in Noah's room with a store bought slipcover. 

There is something to be said for buying quality furniture in a classic style.  It is down filled and other than the color it hasn't gone out of style.  My mom had this chair in her house AT LEAST 18 years ago.  (that is as far back as my memory will go right now)


  1. You did great! My timetable is evidently the same as yours, because I bought some fabric to make an ottoman slipcover about the same time I started my blog two years ago. I STILL haven't started work on it, and I'm even rethinking my fabric choice! :)

  2. Ha! That's funny - it would take me a LIFETIME to manage anything that required sewing skills. I currently have a sad ottoman in need of resucing and have resorted to draping a blanket over it - maybe I should just invest in a glue gun and some gumption! ;)

  3. That ottoman sat covered in a blanket for 4 years--I don't think I was fooling anyone!

  4. A slipcover that only takes 4 years to make? That's positively speedy in my sewing universe :)

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  6. Hi Tracey with an *ey* - it was great meeting you this weekend and it was fun sewing with you... even though i didn't quite sew, just pinned and poked and bled (a little) and cleaned. Hope you and your family have a safe trip home.

  7. I really enjoyed getting to know you this weekend! I'd love to keep up with each other through blogging. And, look at that ottoman! You are a pro, girl.


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