Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Dropped the (yarn) Ball

Remember that last post when I asked if you would knit a scarf for a teen?  Well, apparently I decided to do a bunch of other things and I didn't knit a scarf for a teen by the February 14th deadline.  Things like...

Reading the bible in 90 days, seeing my baby use the potty for the first time, delivering cookies to the fire house during the blizzard, packing boxes to send to our troops in Iraq, baking PW's tres leches cake for my man's birthday, making fleece blankets for hospice  at the 11th hour.

I'm really bummed I dropped the ball on this opportunity to bless a teen.  I plan on finishing the scarf and contacting the Orphan Foundation of America, hopefully the Red Scarf Project will continue next year...I should be able to finish it by then.  I hate it when my procrastination leads to disappointment.


  1. You CAN do it all - just not at one time. That list of accomplishments puts mine to shame...but at least I showered today! ;)

  2. I HATE it when I do that! I have promised myself I was going to make my sister a pillow for the past two Christmases and my December just gets away from me! Ugh. I hate it when I do that to myself.

    The thing is, I have enough time. I just waste so much of it. :/

  3. Don't give up. Finish it and wait to see if they'll offer the project next year. OR save it and pray about God leading you to someone less fortunate who would be blessed by it. :) Thanks for the visit today!

  4. Well, you have certainly been busy! I love the craft hope project site and I know they have other projects going on, too. I hope you get a chance to do what's on your heart.

    It's wonderful to meet you!


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