Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whatcha been doin?

I have been hanging out with this little lady:

And I've been entertained daily by this guy:

Saturday we enjoyed our neighborhood yard sale. I considered the sale a total success because I got to read all the catalogs and magazines I had been wanting to for the last month, I got to chat with Mr. Incredible as he painted the last of our kitchen cabinets, Noah got to play outside for 4 hours straight and we talked to a few nice couples as they bought our junk. Oh, and it kept me from going out and buying our neighbors junk.


  1. Look at those cheeks!!! (Chloe's, of course, though you're sure cute, too!)

  2. Is that your feet in the last picture? Because it made me laugh!!

    Cute babies! I can see how they can keep you occupied!!

  3. Yep, those are my feet. I was kicked back all morning watching our junk fly off to another happy home.

  4. Oooooo!!! I love baby pictures. Especially when they're still all squishy like yours!

    We were supposed to do a flea market this weekend to get rid of our junk but it rained. Now I've got to live with all my junk in the garage for at least another week.


  5. I was wondering where you had been. Haven't seen you "round" lately ;). Glad to know all is well! Did you know that your links on your sidebar take you to your reader thingy and not to the site itself? Nester's link came up as an error as I tried to click on over there. Glad you put up a post, finally!

  6. Thanks Debbie, I'm glad I have one real friend that will tell me when my blog is broken. You would probably tell me when I have food in my teeth too. You rock.
    p.s. We had your chicken pesto pasta for dinner tonight, I wish we had your brownies to go with it...I still think about those.

  7. Your baby is beautiful!


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