Friday, April 4, 2008

You Are Going to Want One of These

Last week I was checking out Notes from a Cottage Industry and saw the cutest pendant. I immediately ran over to Lipstick and Laundry and got one for myself. The beads are vintage and it is the perfect size.
The day I got home from the hospital it was in my mailbox. Even the wrapping was cute! It was packed up in a little nest with this adorable tag...I love the details! I think I will hang the tag in Chloe's room.


  1. Welcome to Chloe! Thanks for your comment at "the pantry". I will have to browse around here when I have some time. We are having a new little girl in August. I love the nest with the beads...may have to get one of those too!
    Mrs. Byers

  2. Tracey... You are too sweet! I thank you for the kind comment and post! Welcome baby Chloe... She is VERY cute! I would gladly make her, her own tag!

  3. That is really beautiful! What a treat.


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