Sunday, April 6, 2008

No Rack Spice Rack

For years I have had daily fights with my spices. They would usually win. I would dig through the cabinet, some would jump out and spill, others would hide in the back, some would stay front and center...and the one I needed was never front and center. Well, no more fights. I bought these spice jars at World Market, broke out the P-Touch and lined them all up marching band style in a drawer. I smile at these guys everyday, and I'm pretty sure they smile right back.


  1. I had quite the giggle over your comment about fighting daily with your spices. I, too, am fighting for my life with a bottle of oregano. It's currently winning.

    Congrats on your adorable new addition!

  2. That is so smart! I feel some spicey organizing coming on.

  3. And they're alphabetized! Even better!


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