Monday, September 30, 2013

4 Things I Learned in September

I learned a few new things in September.
  1. I am adverse to most change; however, I have already found two things I like about the new iOS 7. The first is the new calendar. I am so greatly relieved that they finally improved the calendar.  The second thing, which I find very handy, is when I swipe up from the bottom of the screen I can access a flashlight, stopwatch and calculator toot suite. There are several other handy options with that swipe, but those are my favs.
  2. The bottom crisper drawer of our refrigerator was dead to me until this month. I would put things in there and remember a month later the bag of apples or Costco sized spinach. The drawer just above it got regular use but for some reason that bottom drawer was always forgotten. UNTIL I started putting the beer in there. Problem solved.
  3. A quick swish in a cup of rubbing alcohol and your make-up brushes are clean as a whistle. I actually learned that last year but it was so helpful I wanted you to know this trick too.
  4. The Jimmy Fallon lip sync-off made me laugh so hard I snorted. A few times.

I'm linking up with Emily Freeman and her community at Chatting at the Sky where she is sharing what she learned and one involves how we have been using the restaurant ketchup cups wrong.

Did you learn anything new in September?

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  1. Making a beeline to my makeup bag to clean my makeup brushes. I had no idea! xoxo


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