Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bye Bye Batwing Drawer Pulls

Our kids share an old dresser with the most annoying drawers pulls.  I think Kimba calls them batwings. 

They are annoying for a few reasons.  They clank and bang loudly when you open or close the drawers and half of them are falling off. The worst part is there are 5 drawers with 3 different size pulls, making it next to impossible to find matching pulls.

I found some pulls I liked but didn't want to drill new holes to make them all fit.  So I used those on the 2 drawers they fit and I used clothesline on the rest.  That's right, clothesline.


I doubled the clothesline and poked it through the hole with a screwdriver and tied a knot.


Then I twisted the two ends (my husband's suggestion) and I thought that looked better than the untwisted look.
I tied another knot and fed the clothesline through the other hole and tied the two ends together on the inside of the drawer. Clear as mud?

I would say this took about 30 minutes, and maybe 5 bucks to get rid of the batwings.


  1. Impressive!! And looks great too!! Love you!!

  2. that is such a cute idea - and nautical is the "it" design theme right now :)

  3. Cute idea! I need to learn how to think outside the box on this kind of stuff! Or just go look on Pinterest. :D

  4. It was great meeting you at Relevant 11... such a cute idea...I think I need to make time for more creativity in my decorating too!

  5. That's really cute! And inspired! :)

    Merry Christmas!!
    - Ashley Pichea


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