Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cost of Clutter

I paid a price this weekend for the clutter I have allowed to pile up on the island in our kitchen.

We were without our name tags at Financial Peace University last night. They were buried in that pile instead of in the bag with our other class materials.

There was a 10% late fee on our quarterly water bill.  Ouch. The original bill was thrown in that pile when the pile started and it never resurfaced.  That didn't bring a lot of financial peace.

This price seems insignificant in light of the price Jesus paid to save me from death.  When he died for me, and for you, he paid with his life so we could live forever in heaven with God. 

I'm so thankful He hasn't left me in a pile of clutter.


  1. It's no biggie! Love the new banner.

  2. My house is super cluttered right now since we have been so busy lately! I can't seem to find time to de-clutter anything! It's just piled everywhere! Any suggestions!?!?

    Because if I don't get it under control, I'm gonna go crazy! And it is affecting everything- my sleep, my quiet time with God, my family time!

    Thank you for pointing out this important perspective on clutter!

    I'm also glad He doesn't forget us in a pile of clutter!


  3. This is the life with small children and thank you God it's only a season, there will be a time when your house will be in spotless and you will wonder where all the little toys went or all the color crafts your kids made and it only gets worse with homeschooling and although it makes you drives me absolutely bonkers....I've learned that there are more important things than a little clutter. Your kids are happy and they love their momma...and besides it's week 7 of FPU we all know your name...OK maybe not everyone in our group but we know your name.

  4. BTW Alan is right the new banner is AWESOME, you will have to show me how.

  5. Awww, you have the sweetest husband!

    We have been dealing with the clutter around here, too...the dining room table seems to be the worst hot spot, with the desk coming a close second. I know getting it cleaned up will ease my mind...why don't I do it?

    LOVE the banner, btw! : )

  6. loving the new banner!

    walking in thankfulness with you. so glad that He rescues!

  7. So lovely here..nice to meet you :)


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