Friday, November 12, 2010

Pregnancy Update--Due November 29

I have a new and improved delivery date of November 29.  I don't know a pregnant lady alive who wouldn't have her delivery date moved up.  The last few weeks are u~n~c~o~m~f~o~r~t~a~b~l~e!

 34 Weeks and just 19 days before delivery day!

We enjoyed our first Trunk or Treat at our church this year.

Our new baby was bustin' to join us.

Fall is in full swing here in Virginia and we are enjoying every minute!


  1. you might feel uncomfortable but you look fabulous! i hope these last few weeks are filled with lots of rest time and lots of memory making!

  2. THAT COSTUME! BAHAHAHAHAAAA! That is just stinkin' hilarious! Disturbing, but hilarious! :D

    You do look fabulous, chickie! Will be praying for you in these last few weeks!

  3. That costume is too funny! That sweet baby will be here soon! :)
    Hang in there...

  4. Oh, you are beautiful and glowing! I love pregnant bellies....on other women! Ha! Your costume was so clever and made me giggle. I just stumbled on your blog, and it is lovely!
    Blessings, Tiffany

  5. Love love love your costume! The rest of the family too!! Mom and I were talking this Sunday about you. She can't wait to come, and I'm mad with jealousy that I don't get to come. Counting the days until the 4th! Praying for you and #3...XOXOXO Kim


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