Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Blogger After God's Own Heart

It took me 3 days to even find these words. 

Last weekend I attended Relevant and came home blown away by God.

Before I left I told my husband I thought my expectation for this blogging conference was that it would be the women's retreat experience I always hope for, but never really get.  AND IT WAS!!!!

I learned practical blogging tips from Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom like ways to save time and save relationships from being damaged by blogging.

I was greatly encouraged by a devotional given by Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well--she charged us to heed Jeremiah 45:5  "Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not."

Sally Clarkson gave me a desire to sustain the weary with my life, my blog, and my marriage.  I felt the presence of God being with her.  I want others to feel the presence of God when they are with me.

In a session on "Finding God's Purpose For Your Blog" with Kristen from We are THAT Family and Courtney Joseph I was prompted to let the blog be a calling, not a job.  And I was excited by the reminder that if we have the heart of God it will show on the blog.

Through all my tears, snots, and tissues I couldn't take a single note during Angie Smith's keynote. I thought since I knew her story it would be easier.  I was weak as she asked the women in the room who had lost a child to stand.  I stood and as I looked at the sea of women who also stood I saw God and His amazing ability to give and take away.  Bless and heal.  Use all things for good.  "...because everything he does is right and all his ways are just."  Daniel 4:37

And this was just in the first 24 hours people!  I'll write about the rest soon.


  1. I miss you! : )

    I have yet to put anything meaningful down about Relevant. And I know I need to, or else I will forget...and I absolutely CANNOT forget! Thank you for letting me share your space!

  2. Hey girl!
    Hope you're doing well. Relevant was sooo fun!and I'm so thankful we met.
    I'm still recovering from the loss of sleep:)

  3. What a blessing this post was to read - and yes, the moment where Angie had women stand - I could hardly breathe I was crying so hard. Half of my table stood - it was staggering to see how many have walked this road :-(

    I pray God keeps these feelings afresh in your heart and that he blesses you mightily as you serve the Lord!!
    Much Love,

  4. Amen sister!!!!! It was so nice to meet you. I just said a prayer for your sweet baby. May you both have health and an EASY delivery! :)


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