Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Ironing Solution

I figured out a way to get the hems on these little sweater dresses to lay down. It works for me and it might work for you too.

When they come out of the dryer the hem is usually curled up.

With a few strategically placed clothes pins the hems lay flat after about an hour.

Voila! No more curled hem. I use this trick on the collars of my husbands shirts too.

Race on over to We Are That Family to find out more Works For Me Wednesday tips!


  1. That is a good idea! I loooove laundry hints. : )

  2. This is a really great solution, my shirts and sweaters roll up too. I couldn't figure out what in the world to do!

  3. oh, I miss those cute little sweaters that are tucked away in my 12-year-old's keepsake box(es).

  4. Great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  5. How cute are those little sweater dresses. Great tip too!

  6. Oh what an awesome idea!!

  7. That is great!! I will definitely have to try that on a few things, not just the sweater dresses.

  8. Well, where has this tip been all my life??

    Good one!

    Thanks for stopping by -- hope to see you again soon! XOXO

  9. I bopped over here from 50's housewife blog.
    I loved this idea - where have I been all these years, lol.
    I will use this on the bottom of the leg hem of my hubby's jeans - for some reason he has some that seem to curl up.
    Isn't it the simple things that make us crazy? Thanks!


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