Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks, Nester!

My good blogging bud The Nester had a crazy fun carnival yesterday. She asked to see all our imperfections. This was just the motivation I needed to start, finish and post a project I have been considering doing but was afraid to start. Perfectionism keeps me from starting so many things.

When we moved our little one from his crib to a twin bed we put the comforter from our old guest room on his bed. It was a queen and I just folded it in half and threw it on the bed. I have been meaning to cut it down to fit his bed ever since (that was 6 months ago!)

The freedom to do something imperfectly allowed me to cut this perfectly good comforter.

What else is going on in this room? Well, Monday and Friday are my laundry days so I was folding laundry throughout the morning. Our baby girl was taking a snooze in her swing. There was also some bible reading going on because I was listening to Charles Stanley while I cut the comforter. He said go to Colossians 1 and since he was talking about prayer I did, because I love prayer.

This is what was going on in the next room. Have you ever watched Jack's Big Music Show? I love the Schwartzman Quartet.

After the quilt was cut I had to Make Room For....my sewing machine on my craft table. Yes, I know, this looks like it should be a dining room table. We're not dining room people right now, so I claimed this area for all my crafts and I have never regretted it (except when it gets messy.)

There, see, plenty of room for the sewing machine. Now let us not forget I had a baby about 12 weeks ago and this, I am certain, is the reason my right knee looks so HUGE. Just keepin' it real people, I could have cropped that out.

Actually, not a bad idea to crop that whole mess out along with my giant knee.

Even though this was the quickest project on record, it still wasn't done before this guy was ready for his nap.

It was finished by the time he woke up though!

I used the leftovers to make this itty bitty sleeping bag. Not bad for one straight seam.

What is perfectionism keeping you from starting?


  1. Is that the cutest boy comforter in the history of the world?

    It looks fantastic!!!

    and the mini sleeping bag? ADORABLE!

    oh, I can think of so many worse things to have look giant in a photo than your knee. Your nose, your hiney, your stomach, your foot, your mouth, your zit. see, ain't all that bad.

    not that you even have a zit. just sayin.

  2. Oh, I love it. I just got brave enough to buy perfectly beautiful dresses for the express purpose of cutting them up--to make aprons! Why reinvent the wheel or search for fabric when I have a few yards for $10 right at my fingertips.

    Love how you cropped the photo of you at your machine. Lol.

  3. How many photos did you see on this post? I posted 10 but when I went to our computer downstairs I only saw 7. My laptop shows 10. Weird.

  4. I see 9 pictures and one image of the Nester's Not Perfect logo.

  5. I swear I see 11 pictures and a few boxes with x's in them.

    I love what you did with that comforter. You are so brave!! I've considered doing that many, many times but chickened out every time. :o) Looks good!

  6. I saw 11 pics and then some little boxes with x's on them.

    I LOVE the little sleeping bag! And the comforter, of course. But the sleeping bag! How precious!

  7. I see 11 pics and some x's...nice job on the comforter and mini sleeping bag!

  8. I love that comforter and I LOVE that sleeping bag! My 3 year old would be all over that! Unfortunately, I have not a sewing bone in my body.
    And I think you look cute!

  9. Love that mini sleeping bag. I'm seeing the some photos and some boxes with the little x's. What are those little boxes with x's. Those come up on my blog sometime!! Can figure that out... Great job on your sewing. ~Jill :)

  10. Girl... where have you been? Miss you!! I've been having computer drama, but I think it may all be fixed right now. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer!! :) ~Jill

  11. I am just totally impressed that with a baby under 6 months old you are doing something with a sewing machine. I have one and it has sat on it's lonely little table in my basement for about the past 2 years now. Sad. I don't think perfectionism stops me from getting things done as much as not thinking I will have the time/energy to finish it. Babies! They are so great but take so much out of us! We need to get together soon!

  12. Good job getting your machine out! As for the knee, I'm here to tell you that the camera has a wide angle lens that makes things closer to it appear bigger than strictly proportional.

    It is by no means your knee.

    The comforter is excellent. And your baby is adorable!


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