Saturday, March 22, 2008

Envelope Beautification

Remember a few posts ago when I told you about my new favorite, Vista Prints? Well, because their stuff is so cheap and they are always offering free stuff, I just got these note cards *FOR FREE* after shipping.

Then I did a little envelope beautification ala Martha Stewart using scrapbook paper. (Because I have this problem with buying scrapbook paper, so I have tons, even though I have never once made a scrapbook.)
Now, who wouldn't want to open an envelope full of daisies?

I also beautified the first set of note cards like this:
First it looked like this mess:
I thought this paper looked like dead flowers until I paired it with these note cards. I love using up ugly things and making them look pretty. Lined envelopes are so much nicer than plain. I am so fancy.


  1. I cracked up over the "dead flowers" remark. I wouldn't have thought that until you said it, but now I see it. Too funny.

    Happy Easter, Tracey! -Julia :-)

  2. Lined envelopes are tres chic! Love them!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again. I have been a little scattered about getting everyone linked lately, but I do love hearing from you.

    All my best to you for Easter--and especially for the coming birth. I feel so excited for you! Congratulations!


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