Thursday, March 6, 2008

How easy is this?!

I'm a sucker for monograms or anything personalized. I was looking at these boring slippers about to throw them in the charity bin (that's what I do with things I'm tired of looking at) and realized a little fabric marker monogram might go a long way.

Saved from the bin by a marker and 30 seconds.


  1. I cannot believe you hand wrote that! It is perfect! My neighbor has monogram business so if you ever need anything personalized, she's got the machine!

  2. I'm cracking up over your monogrammed slippers! There's no way I could've written my letters that perfectly if I had tried. You've got pretty amazing penmanship!

    Hey, I just got your comment on my blog about being from Indy, too. It's a small world. I love that town. Still go back now and then to visit(we're about 2 hours away here in Cincinnati, so not far).

    After college I worked at the State House downtown proofreading bills they were signing into law, which was a lot of fun for me (just working in that amazing historical building every day).

    We lived in Carmel for a few years and then bought a house out in the country on the East side (only place we could afford one at the time!). So you grew up there? Which part of the city were you in? -Julia

  3. ha ha! that is so cute!!

    good job.


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