Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favor On Your Life

Do you see God's favor on your life?  I bet if you look you will.

Favor can look like a big blessing, an out of this world miracle, or it can be the smallest provision.

Last week a small work issue resolved itself without my effort, my worry, my anxiety or even my best intentions.  And I saw it as God's favor because had I tried to handle it myself there would have been worry, anxiety, gnashing of teeth, tension headache and the like.

Our needs are met daily.  Seek to know the One that meets our needs. Watch for His favor on your life.


  1. My first reaction to stuff is normally to worry, fret, get a tension headache, cry, and so on, and so on. How much more sweet would my life be if my first reaction would be to immediately hand the problem over to the Lord! : )

  2. Am feeling so stressed and fearful this morning... Saw your link on Small Notebook... Needed to read this to start my day. Thanks!

  3. Hello..found you through Rachel's blog, "Small Notebook", reading her blog for years now.
    Will come back again. :D

  4. AMEN!!! God's provision goes beyond what we even realize!!!

  5. Beautiful & true words! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I will be stopping by often!

  6. years ago my husband had lunch which an older, wiser, wealthy friend. He told my husband that everyone wants to know his secret to success and his secret was that "I have the Lord's favor". I remember thinking "well don't we all?" But this man walks around believing that he has a special helping. I wonder what our lives would be like if we all believed that?

  7. Tracey,
    It was so nice meeting you today! Thanks so much for coming out to my Salon! Always good to meet other bloggers.

  8. Love the concept of your blog, and I couldn't agree more! Cheers!



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